Legality of Modding the originals



What is the legality of porting the original Half-Life(making it better along the way, of course, to reflect the additional features of HL2), Blue Shift, and Opposing Force? If it's good and legal I'll even Executive Produce it:D
Lol i was just about to post the same thing. Think about it, you've got everything you need to make a Half Life TC for HL 2 - wavs already made and acted out, models that just need to be copied and a perfect storyline. If HL 1 +2 both use simliar mapping techniques, the textures from the original could be used... I would definately download and play it over and over again, it would be like getting HL for the first time!
What's the interest? I really don't see the interest to do something that everybody already know and that will probably be ugly. Just make a new sp mod with a new story!
I've been going over some notes for something of a Postal 2 mod, without the utterly insane violence level. Maybe map out an entire city and you get special jobs, which would get you recomendations to others who will hire you out. The point would be just to better your life, but if you live a gang life you'll have to live in fear of being killed, and your house will probably be destroyed. You could find people throughout the city that you can trust and you can recruit them for your "group of specialists". Live a life of prosperity, say as a Game Designer or Mechanic, you'll have to work hard and stay out of trouble. Live a life of a commoner, as a cop, security guard, or a simple bank teller or clerk at the mall, and you'll need to work hard and possibly put in overtime to succeed. As for a life, you could build a computer and buy games for it(which would actually play, but you'd have to meet the requirements), buy a TV and make your own TV channels by putting avi files into a specific folder, or you could spend your nights at bars trying to pick up girls. With what was done to the HL engine, it could be done in the Source Engine with the proper amount of coding.
well cool idea 2ltbeta!

WE WANT ULTIMATE FREEDOM IN GAMES NO MORE HAMSTER TRAILS.! it is what i would have done, if I was a better coder, i can just do FPS entities and random other things