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Jun 3, 2003
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some map ideas that I undoubtably will be unable to create -

Giant Working Analog Clock - you know back in the day, clocks didn't list numbers in the normal, accepted format. Nooo, they had to go all rocket-scientist on us. Thing is, clocks were driven by gears. Yes, gears. They tended to be round with a dial-type layout. Every 6 degrees there was a smallish mark of some sort, every 30 degrees there was a medium mark, and every 90 degrees there was a double-sized mark. Then there were the "hands" driven by the gears. There were three hands, see, the second-hand, the minute-hand, and the hour-hand . . .

A Playground - swings, slides, the whole package

A tower - one that you can bring toppling down by shooting out the I-beams....

I know that clock spiel wasn't funny, I just have to amuse myself every once in a while by torturing others in mindless ways. Either way, feel free to post map ideas here.
Williamsburg Virginia. would be perfect. down town colonial areas, defend the powder magazine like the revolutioaires did hundreds of years ago!
I am going to make the HOLE to HELL

bacicly a deep pit.. with at the bottom a whirlpool in lava. and you can go in the wirlpool by a elevator.. or some sort. I will show some enviorment sketches soon.. going to kick ass!
EVIL is just. . .evil. Leave him alone

The Cathedral - lots of secret passages, a chance to show off the HL2 engine by having light stream through tinted glass windows. Gregorian chant playing in the background, due to the monks. Racks and racks of scrolls in the back.

Bridge - based off of the Golden Gate bridge except much smaller. Plenty of sniper locations. Stars above, water below, and the slight sound of a moving river. That is, until the first shot is heard.
A big greenhouse. with a controll center and a huge jungle in the green house.. and you have loads off ladders that can lead you onto the roof etc.
How about a map based around a HUGE toilet? Like inside it would a lake because it was so big. And you could all sorts of stuff. And every so often some person might come along and do massive dump into it....Or maybe We could forget i ever said that and talk about something else.
Funny. My little cousin thought up the idea of a massive toilet. Except no one took a dump in it. What he thought up was that by hitting the lever you would kill everyone in the water.

that would be cool. or a moving train. that would bee cool also. nice for tactical stuff
I'd like to do that HL signiture level: the warehouse.....but make it about a million times bigger...... with tanks driving around and blasting apart crates and you
Or a huge pizza in box. where you can walk on
how about some kind of "Holodeck" type map where the scenery changes every so often. Like one minute it's a flat desert map, the next it's a dense jungle.
What if a tree apeared where you were stood?

Id love a holodeack. In real life i mean. How cool would it be, imagine if you made a place to complex it slowed down and you wre walking around all jerky.

Anyway. I wonder how well you will be able to do jungle scenery in HL2. it would be cool to have real jungle instead of huge walls of 'tree01' texture.
yeah indeed.. I hated the jungle textured walls. I felt so slosed in.
Soft body trees would be cool, so you could atually see the leaves move, as an indicatoin somthing is near.
The earth is not flat.

I'm really hoping that levels aren't required to be flat, and there's a way to define which direction is "down." I highly doubt this would be possible out of the box, but I hope it's possible for someone to add support for this with a mod.

I think there's quite a few interesting multiplayer level designs that can be done with this, especially for CTF. The obvious direction is to take a sphere or cube and place flags at opposite ends. Add a few obstacles to spice up the landscape, and now you've got a map where the attack direction can widely vary. There's also a possible side-effect of being able to reach escape velocity and start orbiting around the map, but that can be dealt with :p

Now, it can get zanier. It should also be possible to define multiple points which are "down", and allow the engine to apply the appropriate vector (usually closest point) on a per-object basis. What we could do here is have, say, two spherical surfaces separated by some finite distance. One flag per surface, teams spawn on opposite surfaces. The distance between these surfaces will be large enough that one can not simply jump from one to another; they'll have to be assisted by teammates or provide another method of acceleration (orbit, explosives). Other than the trippy viewport movement when going between surfaces, it should be pretty seamless.

I'll admit this isn't insanely useful, but it could result in some fun maps.
Like Gabe would say, It would be a fiarly easy mod....

Incedentally this concept can be done easily with serious SAM. Anyone with the demo can see an inside sphere area in one of the demo map's secret areas.
Map Idea

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it would be cool to recreate my own house. This would be easy to do because Valve has stated that the new Hammer's ratio of feet to units is 1"=1 unit. I wonder if anyone else has planned or thought about doing this, and im sure they have.
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Originally posted by Rodman1_r2
I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it would be cool to recreate my own house. This would be easy to do because Valve has stated that the new Hammer's ratio of feet to units is 1"=1 unit. I wonder if anyone else has planned or thought about doing this, and im sure they have.

i was gonna do it in hammer 3.5 for practice, but never got around to it, i might do it for HL2
I have the perfect idea for a level. My town. First cool thing is...i live right next to a park. So you get the whole swings and playground stuff. Next is that right by my house is a big apartment complex. Its fun playing tag in it and i bet it would be fun killing zombies in it. And then the other cool thing.....just a fiew miles away(hopefully within the range of the largest map size) is Disneyland. Wouldnt it be so freakn' awsome to run around the happyest place on earth killing bad guys! And I think I would have to make California Adventure compleatly destroyable.
It would be a really big project though. If anything I'll just do disneyland by its self.