More word on Poly counts and models...


May 15, 2003
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too bad this isn't that definitive... :(

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I know many members of the growing HL2 community, includeing myself, would like to know what kind of poly counts you guys are using for you models. Could you tell us what kind of poly counts (on average) you use for a gun? a pistol? a large gun? a vehicle? a player model?

Thanks for your time,
David "SidewinderX" Petkofsky

hey david,
thanks for your interest in our various models throughout the half life world, there sure is a lot of em! but, like a lot of aspects of HL2, were keeping the specifics to ourselves. i can tell you that the source engine utilizes a very well rounded level of detail system which allows us to use a larger amount of polygons at close ranges and much less detail as you distance yourself in the world space. hope that helps answer your question a little.

- eric "mr birch" kirchmer
It seems like you can have all the detail you need. Although it's always going to beneficial to keep the poly counts down, if possible.
Let me get this straight. I'm not too sure how the LOD system would work.

Would it be a case of the modeller creates one high poly model being used for "close up" and then the Source engine will create the lower poly models for things displayed far away. Or will the modeller have to create different versions of each model with different poly levels? High poly, Mid poly and Low poly?
This is a question that has been asked before, and to be quite honest nobody really knows the answer, except the HL2 team and associated teams... Maybe somebody should E-mail and ask?
I'll e-mail, but we souldn't expect an answer untill monday...