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What shall we put in the official mod? I would say keep it mixed between squad based and tactical espionage, sort of like Metal Gear Solid 3 with teammates, and completely co-op. There would be quite a few missions, for example. One would be parachuting on the outskirts of a multi-hundred mile forest, then hike into the heart of the forest and locate a secret Neo-Soviet training camp. Your mission will be to hike the miles out to the camp, regroup, and gather information and destroy the camp, then get the hell out of there as quickly as possible to a helicopter pickup. Another mission will be to gain information from the Russian Embassy in London. This would have to be done by finding a local kingpin, taking a job to help gain access to a bank to steal money to bribe the guards at the building nearby to a powerplant substation to gain access to the substation to cut power to that section of town to gain access to the embassy through the security systems and steal any information. Then have a van waiting outside to get you to the secret hideout and tapping a telephone poll to call a contact to MI5 who will give you the address where you will get a cellular phone from a runner of a contact who will call you with an address where to leave the information.
sounds fine by me just remeber to add me to the credits. :cheers:
but one thing is that there are so manu mods each one gettin ideas fomr each other they are all so the same on many different levels, if u intend to make amod make sure it is like nothing uv played.
I was having a piss this morning and the same kinda idea came into my head. Instead of everyone making different little mods, how about groups of modders put their heads together and come up with something really good. I think a multiplayer mod would be best, and with lots of people working on it, it could be really good.....
the problem with that is the confilicting ideas which every mod is bound to have. actually im sure it would be a major problem but im sure in some way it could work out and would eventually be a great mod
Or if people with say like WW2 or futuristic ideas got together, then maybe it wouldnt be so conflicting. It would be a shame tho to see a lot of ideas go under from a lack of support, so helping each other could be the key......
Managing such a team would be hell. Each member would have to have a professional integrity to be able to co-exist together on the project.
i thought of an "official" hl2net mod a while back, but you don't see fansites with official mods. they can sponsor webpages with mods, like and PHL, but there is no " official mod".

and if you have a huge team, it would be hard to organize and keep track of who is doing what and what has to be done.
I'd like to see skiing in an official mod. I think the physics system would may it feasable. It woiudl be like On Her Majesties Secret Service with cool machine gunning ski chase scene.
damn u :p you stole the dedkopf idea :p

It'll be very simmilar to the mod :s But it has some small additions and we might change our concept a bit ...
i think an official mod would be good, although there would be conflicts of ideas, it would all come together after a while and who knows, if we mix loads of ideas together it may just turn out to be on of the best mods around!

:cool: :afro: :cheers: :cheese:
Hmm I didn't read all the details, but it sure sounds like a great idea.
But how big maps will HL2 support?
That and all other limits may be a problem when making a big forrest.
It wouldn't be very good if there where loadings in some areas.
Also there should be three teams alpha beta and so on, that started LONG way away from each other, and they should be able to communicate in some way or another, lets say with a radio.
And should the bases guards be CP or playercontrolled?
This would be awesome if HL supportedlike 64 people, but the whole project would need one or a couple of really good coders.
With 64 people, there could be three teams on the attackers and the defending team could conist of two or three groups as well, but they would be a lot closer to eachother.
Every group would have a total of 10-15 people.
With a lot of work and all, this could be done in a very cool way.
maps are of unknown size but u get a good idea that they are large form the vehicle video..
Well convincing trees shouldn't be a problem really.
I've shown this pic before here



It isn't good looking nowadays, but that's still halflife 1, and every tree are 55 polies at most.
When the trees are close to eachother they look really good ingame.
Also to create goodlooking trees in hl2 by using two layers of modelled trees, sprites in the background and behind them one layer of hires masked textures, it would look really good.
Also shadows will play a big role, I think it's possible.
yeah, trees arent a problem...modeler's can deal with making trees.
you don't need modelers to make tree, us mappers can make em as well :D and set em so that they have propertys. e.g. explodable!!
lol, that does look, great, i forgot about that pic, lol, glad ur working with us!!! :D
modellers can make chunkable trees, lol (but i map, but i dont put in trees that are alive, lol, i put in nice ded 1s for atmosfear!)
I've been planning. Each beta could be a different theme, and keep every single beta running for different themes. We'd get a bunch of servers donated to us, and have each run the map for one week straight, and have the map rotation be one map, so it'd be like an MMPORG server reset.
Beta 1, Londonian Gang Wars:cheers:
Imagine it though, a massively multiplayer London mapped in a 1:1 scale accessable through server hopping. Buildings and crap would be fictitious though, since we can't just barge into a limey's home and not expect to hear the word blimey, buggered, and bloke twenty-million times. Aw screw it, I'll just get Andy Greenhalgh to steal the building plans for every building in London.