May 28, 2003
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After quickly scanning the list of mods people have proposed here I've come to a conclusion. Most of these mod ideas are the same kind of things we saw for HL1. Mainly some form of team deathmatch in which each team can select different classes. I want to ask where are the original mod ideas.
From my understanding, it will be much easier to totally convert the gameplay of HL2 than HL1.
There were some really good original ideas for mods from HL1. I'd put games like HLrally, Natural Selection as good ideas. I've also played beta versions of airHL for HL1 in which you could fly planes around and shoot eachother down, sorta like airquake.
Here's my personal list of non fps mod ideas:

-multiplayer overhead view unit control game (like commandos) control 4 or 5 soldiers, perhaps an rpg element of building up their stats

-racing (self explanatory)

-tank battles. Sorta like that old atari game only prettier

-space flight battle (imagine homeworld battles if each ship was controlled by a person)
I agree with you, but the problem is, it's very hard to get a group of people to work on any mod. Getting a game with a never-before-done premise, however, is even worse. Many people think: "This idea's just going to fall through", and edge away from working on a mod like that. There may be many people with ideas much like you listed, but many mappers/modellers/etc. are tired of mods falling apart and stay with stuff that's a sure thing.

i want to see a raciong mod with vehicles which includes weapons or something!
Ahhh, a trip down nostalgia lane...good ole Rock n Roll Racing. Man, I spent so many hours sitting in front of my TV playing that game.

i'd like to see a mod where you play a goat, but with a twist, this goat has mind-powers. You must prtect the farm from evil sheep stealers and inflitrate their base, take out the leader.... feel free to use/elaborate on this idea
Perhaps in single player the goat could be out to gain revenge after the sheep stealers took away his fiancé?

I can see it now...

*Puts on deep voice*

...In a world where farm animals were held in captivity and sold as food. One goat stand alone against humanity after what began as payback for the death of his fiance turned into a desperate struggle when the sheep stealers started....
i want to see a raciong mod with vehicles which includes weapons or something!

Have you ever played "Interstate '76"? God I loved that game! I even bought a copy of I76 gold edition off ebay a couple months ago just to play it again on a more modern system.

Anyhow, something "LIKE" I76 would be cool, but keep in mind that something "LIKE" Interstate '82 would SUCK!!

A road warrior type game would rock. There's a BF1942 mod that has the "Road Warrior" look, but I'd prefer an HL2 mod. If I wasnt already working on "Invasion Earth: 1987" I'd probably do a "Road Warrior" style mod.

The Punisher
I remember seeing a mod for HL which was moved to Tribes 2.

I cant remember exactly but it sounded pretty cool. What is was, was one team basically controls this giant mech thing each taking control of a certain part. Say maybe a gun or whatever. Then the other team was just ground troops and they had pretty conventional weapons and possibly some vehicles, but i cant remember. Any way it sounded like it was gonna be a cool mod but i think it faded out.

That multi-player overhead view thing was tried with HL 1 i think but they didn't get very far. It looked like a cool idea as well.

I would like to see a remake of a game like C&C Red Alert (1 not 2) Because i like things like that. I thought renegade was cool, i know it wasn't a mod for HL but it was fun to drive around on a mammoth and take part in the battle rather than just control it.

This is my one hundredth post! Woooo!
100 posts, my that was a long time ago :p......yeh a road warrior mod would be very good actually. Has anyone seen the Badlands mod for HL2, that looks quite good, to go off on a tangent...well i would personally like to see a mod with Piracy in the year 3008, thats what id be doing if i wasn't doing Operation Everlasting Shadow (PLUG!). However OES is cool, and i want to see that out. :) anyway.......*rambles like old man*
it'd be much cooler of you had a team of birds and you should raid a nest with little egs lol :p
Original ideas are rare (nothing is REALLY original) and harder to implement...as such require a more professional level of dedication.

To create a space flight battle, like flying a squadron of fighters there would be many new elements that would have to be coded for. Physic models would change, as would the player models/hulls/collision concepts. You would have to provide controls that would enable people to fly ships without constantly just smacking into eachother and blowing up. In frantic fights players run into eachother and walls all the time. In a space battle those things would result in destructive crashes. That would detract from the game (like the infamous Trepasser physics). Everything would need huge code rework. It just isn't a realistic option for non-professional mods.
I have quite a few random ideas for *Games*, Mods and TC... Some being really wierd like: Squirrel Massacre (you don't want to know, trust me) to the rather strange like: Life ( Which is like the Sims, but you only look after one person and the character is randomly generated, [although sex is determind by which version you buy/download] and it grows from baby to death, with interaction through speech [through microphone] with the character learning to speak by imitating you, [like a you child] and you can take it out into the virtual world, and have it interact, play with npc and other people online, findng jobs, love etc..)

Although as someone said previously (me cnt remember who sorry :( ) it's finding the team, and using the facilities of the engine to their full potentail, or if the engine is not adiquet, finding time to create a completly new engine......
Originality is overrated. When it comes right down to it, making a mod isn't about doing something no one has done before (although your mod might be about that), or making something no one else thought of (once again, it COULD be). Making a mod is simply an exercise in creativity and fun. Of course it takes months of grueling work to make a mod, but when you look at it afterwards you shouldn't say "Gee, I wish our wholy original and totally new concept was actually fun."

Being original is all fine and dandy, but it's more important to be fun to play. Just look at all the games out there right now. For every original game that's fun to play, there are legions of horrible mutant games that sucked because of they picked originality over playability. Now look at games that are hardly original... there are a LOT more of those that you might actually want to play. *cough*HalfLife2*cough*
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