The Gatling Gun! (WIP)

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May 28, 2003
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I've completed the model for the Tripod Mounted Deployable Gatlin Gun. This version is the Model 1879, which is brass encased and is chambered for the .45 Caliber (don't worry, eventually there will be a carriage mounted 1 inch gatling and it's barrels won't be encased).


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    gatling render 1.jpg
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looks very nice! could you post the refrende images here? so I can better judge this model?
for the next render, oculd you use antialiasing? i HATE JAGGIES!
Jaggies? THERE ARE NO JAGGIES! Maybe you should set your desktop resolution higher.
Indeed.. I dont see any jaggies either.
aww sh!t i hate the new IE. I makes the iamge smaller so i cna see it all, but i made jaggies. i dont relaize that IE compressed it. sorry man.

nice render. soemthing that i personally like is when you show an unskinned redner, i like all the peices to be one color. jsut my 2 cents.
well, those parts are going to be different colors when skinned, (the barrels are iron, the casing is brass), the handle is brass and wood). Also, you can turn off that pic minimizing in IE.
Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia > Enable Automatic Image Resizing

I cant wait to see it fully textured with reflective shaders on the barrel. It will look good!
NP.. you know now that the WHOLE WORLD + XEN ^^ is nervously waiting to see this baby finished and in game.

Just treying to get you a bit more relaxed

/me lolled
oh and you defenatly shouldn't worry about the angry mob that'll hunt you down and kill you If it doesn't turn out right ;)
here's my latest version. Still not finished though :p

Sorry, forgot to attach on this post.