The Punisher teaser trailer...

OMG OMG OMG, I gotta see that when it comes out!, it looks so kewl, violence, guns, blood and kinda thing.

And the site is pretty spooky too :)
The Punisher = cool character

Film about him = gritty and atmospheric

if neither of these are represented..... i shall be one angry Badger
RIGHT ON!! In case oyu havent figured it out by now I'm a bit of a punisher fan :cheese: .

I hadnt seen the trailer yet, but you'll notice whatI've been using for My avatar lately.

Cant Wait!!!
Originally posted by thenerdguy
Well it looks cool. It should beat the Hulk.

Isnt the Hulk supposed to be really bad? Ive not seen it so dont take this like i think i know what im talking about.
are all comic characters gonna get a movie this summer? hulk, punisher.. whats next? george bush?
Originally posted by :>~
are all comic characters gonna get a movie this summer? hulk, punisher.. whats next? george bush?

You should do stand up comedy, with a lightning wit like that you'll tear the place down.:cheers:
the trailer reminds me of Postal 2, a spooky looking guy with guns galore...hehe
Whow.. talking about weapons and ammo Oo.. I liked the punisher in spiderman. never was a real marvel fan so it was the only time I saw the punisher. I am a more Spawn kinda guy. (it suxx that the movie sucked)
Why did nobody read Marvel? Everyone read DC. I think DC is okay but i really liked Marvels characters a whole hell of a lot better. Like Batman and Superman are alright but the Punisher kicks ass man.
Definitely preferred Marvel. I read more independents than DC But...when I read comics DC was dying badly. The top 25 comics were all Marvel titles. It wasn't until John Byrne went to DC that they came back to life. I still have about 1500 comics packed away from 1980's.
We didn't really get too many comics in the UK.... I only saw Spiderman and the Punisher.... needless to say the Punisher is far cooler :p..... I hope this movie rocks.. :E
Well Personally, I'm a Top Cow (image) fan:

Witchblade, Darkness etc

And It does suck when the Films Suck,

* Stone Thinks About Witchblade movie and series :(

And I'm quite into Chaos too, IE Purgatori :p

EDIT: that teaser is cool...