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May 17, 2003
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I think this forum needs one, they have it in some other forums, and it works fine. The weeks thread is a thread where u can post stuff that dont need a own thread like "do u like my new avatar?". The moderator deletes all the posts in Weeks Thread every sunday.

EDIT: oh and use this as the Weeks thread until the a real sticky week thread has been created.
Originally posted by mrBadger
i think I might have said something about that.... yeah this is a good idea... becoz the posts are deleted... means that they don't really count :) which means less spam.

thats right!
It is meant to cut down on the spam posts that are plaguing the off topic forum
Okay, I got two things to say.

1. Bagels.. Who likes 'em?

2. Angling. Causing fish pain for entertainment? Grr! :flame:
1. They are ok.

2. Damn those sadists! Ok so i dont really care but fish wont even remember what pain is after its happened, let alone what caused it.

Does anyone like my old avatar, the one ive had all along?
bagel + smoked salmon + philadelphia (or the cream cheese of your choice ;)) = w00t :D

angling is another pointless blood sport
Like boxing :)

Funny how even though we live in this so called civilised society, we still have sports like that. Wrestling isn't the same, thats just bunch of well choreographed ballerinas.
Originally posted by Farrowlesparrow
Funny how even though we live in this so called civilised society

Civilised!?! don't make me laugh, we live in the most bruetal and sadistic society yet...

Society, has turned into the sick and twisted thing out of old Sci-Fi books...

75% of the population spend their time watching people in a do bugger all, they sit and watch and find enjoyments in their pains, and laughing at them being stupid.

Single people make the choices whether people live or die...

We have less of a chance at choice, now then ever before, our lives are planned out by other people who don't even no us...

We are forced to work, at a stupid age, with stupid pay and stupid hours....

Anyway, I'm going to be quiet now, (you've got me on one of my topics...again), before I offend more people :eek:
No, they weren't as bad as this society,
the Romans were a very Cultured Society for instance...

And most of them were quite willing to accept things, and NAZI germany and USSR, I consider the same society as this one, basically same era...
Originally posted by mrBadger
Romans..... we're they the people who skinned slaves alive for fun and fed christians to the lions..... an age of debauchery IMO

well if you lump those two evil empires in with democracy then of course it's gonna look bleak :p

Well you have to admit, we Christians are pretty tasty people :)

EDIT: Stone if you lump them together just because they are hte same era, then surely you would lump Britian and the US with Iraq?
Yes, I would, because I'm refering to the whole world society as a whole, not just sigular societies... such as western society
I dont know what religion i am, i thought i was christian, but my parents told me i wasnt. I am in the rift.
sunday has gone folks..... delete the posts

/me deletes his posts of last week

OK... first new topic of the weeK:

I went to a party on friday:

well.. the party was shit... but i ran into a girl i used 2 see occaisionally a couple of years back.....we didnt really know each other.. but she was talking to me and we chatted for ages we went off with sum other ppl, and just chatted 4 a bit... and i was sitting on the side of a truck (bear with me) and she came up next 2 me and rested her head against my leg and i put my arm round her and later we went inside and we sat down and she put her arms around me and i put my arms around her and she was like "awww ur nice to cuddle". and then later we went back and walked her up 2 where she was getting picked up and she sed "I'm cold" so I put my arms around her and she was like "awww thanks ur really sweet".

and here is a convo transcript from me and someone who was there at the time

[12:40:58] mr Badger: ..: ive just realised that ****'sfriends went and she stayed with me
[12:41:30] Rollin in m..: cool
[12:41:45] mr Badger: ..: did u kno that?
[12:42:30] Rollin in m..: na i dint
[12:42:36] mr Badger: ..: hmmm
[12:42:59] mr Badger: ..: cos u thought she fancied me... and wondered if that was part of ur idea?
[12:43:27] Rollin in m..: na
[12:43:49] mr Badger: ..: im still wondering why u reckon she liked me
[12:43:55] Rollin in m..: we do fink she fancies u tho,jus by way she actin
[12:44:06] Rollin in m..: dnt quote me tho,it jus wot i fink
[12:44:23] mr Badger: ..: lol..... its k
[12:44:33] mr Badger: ..: y... what actions?
[12:44:35] Rollin in m..: cos she was wiv u altime,n nex each ova,n u had arms round each ova,n i dnt fink she sed novin
[12:44:58] mr Badger: ..: lol... yeh true
[12:45:22] Rollin in m..: tis wot i fink
[12:45:59] Rollin in m..: i dnt fink she told u 2 move ur
arm or nowt did she?

well, there it is....... :p sorry for such a long post... but i'd like people's opinions :)

Originally posted by mrBadger
sunday has gone folks..... delete the posts

/e deletes his posts of last week

OK... first new topic of the weeK:

I went to a party on friday:


If shes hot, go for it. Go tap that ass man.
ahh im just and ant lion agaiN! i demand you to let me be a BullSquid atleast :D