The "What would you do..." game

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May 17, 2003
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Right...I post a quick question and you answer, and then you make a simple question.
For example:

Post1: What do you do when your brother starts belittling you and bullying you for your wallet?

Post2: Get a new brother

What would you do...blah blah blah

You get the idea...this has been done on many other forums and proved to be VERY funny :D

ok here goes....

What would you do if a rat died on your doorstep ?
I would eat it ^_^

What would U do if the G-man came and knocked on your door asking if U wanted a job ??
Id ask if I could call myself Gordon Freeman, or I would try to kill him... Im not sure.

What would u do if Half-Life2 came out and u where at work so u couldnt get it right away and now nobody has it and u just cant get it anywhere?
I would get the Mr. Juarez version.

What would you do to get Half-Life 2 RIGHT NOW??
Hard to get something that isnt finished.... So I dont know `_^

What would U do if you were a girl ?
become a lesbian...

what would you do if you saw a strider looking in your window??
Jump in a Mini and chase it away.

What would you do if your girlfriend farted in bed?

edit - tbh this should be in general off topic chat :cool: Stop slacking Muny!
Reach over, lift up the other side of the blanket, and flap flap flap.

What does E=MC^2 stand for you?
Each of the letters of E = mc² stands for a particular physical quantity. Writing them out in full we get:

In other words:

E = energy (measured in joules, J)
m = mass (measured in kilograms, Kg)
c = the speed of light (measured in metres per second, ms-1)
Note that the case of each letter is important and it would be incorrect to show the equation as, for example, e = MC². This is because physicists use the case of letters as well as the letters themselves to denote particular physical quantities and constants in equations.

In order for the equation to be correct we need to "square" the term c (the speed of light), i.e. we multiply the speed of light by itself: hence c² is the same as c times c. This enables us to be able to write the equation in another, equally correct way:

What would you do if a squad of 8 marines took you away at night and put ya between a big crushy thing ?
i would jump on some stupidly placed boxes, grab a crowbar escape thru a hatch and kill the mother-fu...ehem

what would you do if giant sprouts were running along the motorway at the same speed as your car, pulling into the fast lane, and slowing down? :bounce:
what would you do if Valve studios burned down and all info and code and all the HL2 stuff was burned to the ground? *gives me creeps just thinking about it * :eek:
can one of the mods move this topic to the offtopic forum.. or make me a mod and I will :) :naughty:

i would kick the dog and clean my shoes
what would you do if giant sprouts were running along the motorway at the same speed as your car, pulling into the fast lane infront of you, and slowing down?
i would speed up

what would you do if you found out that you are gay
buy spandex...

max ruined it.

what would u do if your girlfriend stuck her finger up your ass?
I'd do nothing :cool:

What would you do if you were the last man/woman on this planet?
I would go through Beverly Hills and find every sports car and drive it around at insane speeds Hopefully I'd find the McLaren F1 and tear up the track at 241 mph. :cheers: :bounce:
What would you do If you got be Gordon Freeman and actually be survive HL1 and go into HL2
Get some fun with Alyx, like a sweet bed time, thats for sure.

What would you do if hl2 turns out to be boring?
i would die.

what happens if gordon takes a crowbar and gouges out your eye?
I would either lose the eye or die.

What happens when you know a guy named Bob in a Testicular Cancer support group with bitch tits?
bitch slap his dumb ass for takin steroids...but wait hers dead...

what would u do for a klondike(sp?) bar?
bah st00pid europeans dont u memvber the comercials...

ye it is boring but wut else are we gonna do for 4 months...err piss on a stick
ha ha ha... Sure we are stupid !!!

Lets piss in cross !!!! *weeee*
/me pees on Laguna's leg then tries to aim for his head but runs outa pressure and pretends like he ment to and was just kidding...

A little higher KiNG and Youll get it !!

:cheese: :cheese:
laguna and king you idiots especially laguna WHY DID YOU ****ING MESS THIS UP !!! ffs just w8 untill I get meh power !!!!!!!!!! :flame: :devil: :flame:

what is loque gonna do to laguna and king when he gets his power ?
ha ha ha ha.. maybe you could send us a bigger picture of your avatar..

Sorry... lets countinue...

What would U do, if ONLY you knowed that we lived in The matrix ??
bad grammer but i thin i got your question

i would kill u. then wake up and be "the one"

wut would u do if i pee'd in your eye?
what wud u do,

if sum1 asked u to compose an offical song? (inronically i started a thread about that on the editing forum!, but no1 replied :()
King - I'd make sure it never happened again :eek:

What would you do if a mod closed this thread for shits and giggles? ;(
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