unit choice in a mod...



ok, as i'm sat here pondering over the various details of the various ideas for mods I have, I came across something I'd like input from players to help decide (That would be you folk).

ok, lets say I make a mod with 8 different units. In a normal team play type game each player picks a unit and as such you could end up with a team entirely comprised of one type of unit.

no what if there were 8 units but only one person could be each unit (obviously this limits you to 16 players (8 per team). This would allow you to create unique characters for each unit, give them a name, a personality etc.

However, the issue is... would players get annoyed at that, because the unit they may wish to be gets taken by someone else, leaving them with one they dont like? ... You could make it random, or have a roll the dice and highest number picks first type dynamic to make a little more fair.

What do you all think of that sort of unit choice?

Thanks in advance for anyone who replies ^_^
interesting idea, except how would players hone their skills as a particular class? Oh and this sounds suspiciously like a multiplayer game...........