Whats the mod you would most want to see for HL2



Personally DOD is what i want to see. One of the best WWII games ever created. Just think of how it would look on the HL2 engine [drools]
DOD fanboy; great. :) -- DOD is a nice game, however, better and bigger things exist in this world. Battlefield 1942 is my DOD, so to speak. A DOD2 could be interesting. Unlikely, but interesting.
**Gordon Freeman Pro Skater**

Think about it, with the new physics engine you might just be able to pull it off. You thought they were crazy when they made Quake Rally, it was revolutionary back then. I think it's time to push the boundaries once again.
That's entirely possible with ragdoll physics. It would be better than Tony Hawk... but it would require a lot more work, and having the game detect combos would be a pretty daunting task.
I think that would be the most fun part of making that mod, detecting moves wouldn't be that hard, you would have to track the angle the player moves through, etc. I'd love to have the job of thinking up names for all of the moves. How about a 720 isotope or the fakie protonaccelerator or even the switch 540 phasemodulation!
/me splashes icy cold water into derby's face - there yah go son.. you need to cool down
nah, the latest and gr8est craze all the kids will be doing is Extreme Spacehopping.
yup, DOD for me too, but most of all I would really like to see Omaha Beach included, imagine that in HL2 :D!!
The Specialists, FOR SURE the best hl mod, nuff said ;)

and Im a pistol user, thank thee
I would like to see anything that the authors havent labled as 'Fast paced Team based realistic action shooter' As this seems to be a major 'selling' point of alot of mods since the succes of CS.
NOT Firearms, since Firearms ripped off TF2 and crapinized it(thank god they've announced not to port to HL2)
i liked firearms....
It's also hard to rip a game off beofr ea game is released....

I havent seen any star wars mods announced here yet, come on, source engine physics and the force, cant go wrong.
i htink anything thats star wars based is gonna get blown away once SWG is out. if i can scrape toget 10$ amonth, i'm getting it.
the star wars mod for Battlefield 1942 is also looking very promising, its basically Galaxies without the RPG elements and the $10 a month pay, its all straight action. I know I'm getting it, Battlefield 1942 has some great mods, Eve of Destruction, Galactic Conquest, and apparently everyone's favorite, Desert Combat.

ps. less than 2 hours ago, I was accepted into the galaxies beta, talk about luck.
i hate you.

but i like the rpg elements. i also can't wait for KOTOR....
i h8 ya too, and anybody else with an internet connextion on their hi-spec pc :flame:

Bioware shud do a gd job tho, ive been waiting for a decent Star Wars offline rpg 2 b annouced 4 ages
Vampire Slayer!
Would be even scarier with the source engine.
I'd really like to see a western game be made with six shooters, horses and high noon :cheers:
Half-Life 2: dismount :cheese:

you choose a character, and you slope down a map with guns trying to kill others for points :cool:

and there are ramps and stuff... and yeah you get the point.