WTF.. no ninja mod?


May 18, 2003
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why is there no ninja mod planned for HL²?.. I WANT A NINJA MOD!!. It would be great to play a ninja mod on this engine. with all the psychics etc and advance AI. it would be a BLAST!
wait until the end of august and ask this question again, there mite b a different answer.............
Originally posted by EVIL
why is there no ninja mod planned for HL²?.. I WANT A NINJA MOD!!. It would be great to play a ninja mod on this engine. with all the psychics etc and advance AI. it would be a BLAST!

huh I thought I was the only one who thought about that.
That's why I want cel-shading and anime. For a ninja mod!
dont worry dont worry. i am allready planning a combat system for swords ans stuff for my mod. I am gona put in a katana and more importantly a model of blades sword from the film of the same name. so cool, but it wont have the spike things to attack thieves. My mod is gona kick ass. lol

If u want any other nice ninja style wepons just ask. Oh and those 3 pronged dagar things which i cant quite remember the names of will go in. Edit: (sai thats what they are).
U will get 3 to start just like in real life japanease samuria did, one to throw two to fight! :)

Also there will be hand to hand martial arts useing a complex system i have yet to finish figureing out lol, but it will b cool. U will hopefuly get to choose ur martial art when you enter the game.:)
I would choose Muay Thai, rules in street defence truse me ;)

But its not just ninja shit either, there will be guns and a liveing city. But i beter stop there, i am giveing too much away. Aww well beter go reinstall 3d studio max and maya and start on some katana models and blades cool blade. :):):)

splinter cell is the perfect type of game for a ninja mod.
don't be arrogant , your mod might be the greatest mod in the world, but it isn't finished yet. Look around, does Stitch mindlessly hype his mod? no. Does |LGW| Mith rave about how great the Last Great War is gonna be? Answer No. They just say what their mods are about, and post content (in |LGW| Mith's case this means talking about how they don't have a GeoCities site :p ). Sorry if i sound irritated, but really......
to be honest ur probably right Mrbadger i shouldent hype, thats y i am keepin quiet about most of it,
But considering i have finilised all the ideas and designing processes. + i have experience in modeling animation, textureing and countless other things includeing a bit of C++ which i hope to tone up soon. + more importantly my brother is doing a computer science course and knows alot about computers himself. And i have help from someone is good enough to model cars for car companies and someone who was offered a job in makeing a game, and someone else who wants to help who is a competant modeler and skiner for TA and soon TA2 3d version.

I have alot of skilled and experience people lined up who really think this could work, and if it dont it dont it dont mater. I will try again l8er! ;)

Dont be iritated, i know how much mods and games are hyped up but i am affraid i am just a bit hyper about this mod lol.

I dont want to post the idea of the mod just yet becuase its just the sort of thing people would copy, and i dont want to risk it until we have started fully.

sos if i sound weird again lol, oh and i have finished designing the combat system for muay thai and tai kwon do because they fit supriseingly well :)
What for some might look like a great game, sux for others.
Originally posted by Fisheye
What for some might look like a great game, sux for others.

you know what he's right, its no good saying your team is infact made up of John Carmack, Randy Pitchford and Gabe Newall, good teams can fail (look at Daikitana [if thats spelt right] if you want to question that). Have a look at my mod's thread. Tell me what you think of Operation Everlasting Shadow (PLUG!) sometime, all comments appriciated....
i know i know. u all have valid points, its just i am a bit excited, i mean who isnt HL2 is comeing! heheh.
sos if i sound like i am showing off. maybe i am lol
neway i know what u mean about some might like some might think it sux, i understand that but i think most people will want to give it a look. i dunno we will c eventualy wont we.

I dont want to make enemies on these forums so please dont take anything i saw in offence please, even if it is stupid ;)
And Computer Science is really nothing, it won't really give you any help in me!... and to go with MrBadger and Fisheye, what may sound cool and exciting for one person may leave another bored out of there skull...Monty Python springs too mind, although me can't for the life of me work out why some people don't find it funny?!?....

And the golden rule of don't hype, look what's happened to all of the hyped games and films in the past, they have been completely and utterly...well, pants, for want of a better word... Things are best left quiet and out of the way, much like both of the Half-Life games have been until quite close to release...
look, i have said i am not trying to hype the game, i am doin it cos i am excited. and i have to dissagree with u Stone. The golden rule of makeing a game is not, not hypeing it. Its to make a gud game. ;)
I am not saying its gona b gud. I wont know that till its dun will I.
But i will try my best. OK. happy, gud. i hope so neway! :)