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    Concept art from Valve's unpublished space marine game

    My God, you're right, Tollbooth. But then even some of the TF2 characters had some similarities to their Combine Soldier designs. Perhaps they were passing styles and silhouettes back and forth early in development until they settled on something they liked. The eventual Combine synth designs...
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    Concept art from Valve's unpublished space marine game

    Amazing, amazing, thanks so much for the release. Keep up the great work, Barnz and Rikki. If anything, this looks more in line with that SOB space project they were working on more recently.
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    Half-Life's unpublished Steam trading cards

    I love you, Barnz. All your document releases and archive posts lately have been freakin' amazing. This stuff is priceless to me, it's not often I find new material but I collect everything I come across, especially art designs and conceptual stuff. I know I don't comment here a lot but please...
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    Many have been affected by a large VAC ban wave

    Interesting, Clan Wolf, I often feel like my own reports, not just of griefing and hacking, but crude avatars and the like, are quite meaningless and don't add up to anything in the grand scheme. Would be nice to be able to track what happens to the reports you issue, and the idea of rewarding...
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    Steam Controller 3D Design Assets Released

    Yeah, so many people must've accessed the file that they made the link slow, but surely there can't be many people who are that interested? At least, not many I know who would benefit from having the files, or even able to open them. I mean, 5 KB? I'm surprised that's putting on any load at all...
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    GabeN Is Oprah!! - ValveTime News Round-Up (15th February 2016)

    Thank you, guys! That fan-film in particular is a real helpful shout out for me, so cheers for doing another great episode!
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    Valve and Microsoft are Working to Standardize VR APIs

    Yeah, and what a reconciliation it is, I'm enormously happy and assured to hear they have such a partnership in place. Best news I could hope for on that front, to be honest... Now if only there was something upcoming about a certain Half-Life.
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    Valve announces "The International" Dota 2 Tournament- $1 Million Prize

    I know, and like, this all just came out of nowhere. Suddenly a surge of activity after a lot of silence. Quite a surprise, quite energetic... QUITE AWESOME! Mate, they are: "Live Worldwide Video Broadcast In Four Languages - Chinese, English, German, Russian"
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    John Patrick Lowrie Believes Dota 2 Coming This Autumn

    Yeah, about how often one falls when taking leaps of faith. And how much one wishes it upon others. It's the next biggest thing since HL2.
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    Meet The Medic Goes Behind The Scenes, Under The Gown

    Heh, I liked how cruel he was to the head afterward. Very awesome blog post. And what does it mean it explains the doves? What am I missing?
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    Gabe Newell Podcast 17 Interview - Submit Your Questions

    Don't be jealous, Smash.
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    Fan Made Half-life 2 Series Montage Video

    They've already done a few videos with that track. Watching all this Half-Life montage-ness really makes me want to finish my own.
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    Half-Life 1 - Closed Caption

    I do believe I say you may be referring to this link, old chap: Is that the same fellow? Also, I'm sure this link may come in handy for such a topic, and funny you mention Japanese:
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    Gabe Newell Reveals Steam Password, Proves Steam Guard Works

    Hey, wait a minute... What has he done!? Unless he's got a special script to turn off all access inquiries, he's just made the whole world spam thousands of e-mails to his inbox! EDIT: Oh wait... it doesn't send an e-mail notification, does it? Dangit, I got confused. EDIT 2: Oh wait, yes it...