What song do you want played at your funeral?


Jun 23, 2003
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I'm gonna be cliche and say Freebird by Lynard Skynard

(btw, i changed my sig. and i realize that this one also has to do with the penis, and that i probably have an abnormal fixation on male genitalia. repressed homosexuality, i guess)
Pearl Jam - Release & Master/Slave. For now that's it.

Edit: Maybe just master/slave, not sure. Prob both though. Tough choice. Both, yeah. aghhhhhh glad I'm not dead yet. Decisions decisions!
Release is a nice song. I used to have it playing as I fell asleep all the time.
I'm surprised someone else knows, hehe. I looooooove that song. Master/Slave is that "bonus tracK" after it, the one with the cool bass line. Those 2 are probably among my fav songs of theirs.
I know someone who played the Faith No More version of "I started a joke" in a funeral.
Gary Jules - Mad World (The version of the Tears for Fears song thats on the end credits of Donnie Darko).

Barenaked Ladies - One Week

eels - Last Stop: This Town
Something like the bob the builder theme tune then get someone to read out like half the bible and add at the end im not a christian! That will make them remember me :bounce:
Funeral March.

Well actually I dont know really. I dont particulaly care so long as its a song i would like. I would just let my family choose for me.
Greenday - Time Of Your Life (Good Ridence)

While we're on this topic, I thought I'd mention that I'm having two funeals...

A fake one, where in the middle of friends speach I start knocking on coffin from inside and shouting, until someone lets me out (hopefully :p)

A real one, where a recoding of me knocking is played from inside the coffin, in the middle of a friends speach (the same friend) who pretends to get "rather miffed" pulls out a weapon (of own choice) and shoots up the coffin then saying... YOUR DEAD NOW SO SHUT UP!!!! just thought I'd say, before someone else brings it up :dozey:
The Police - Every breath you take .. i like the song OK
Star Wars like song.. tututututuuutuuutuutuuuu...

Seriously I don't know, i suppose my familly will be able to choose a good one...
Originally posted by Sat

Seriously I don't know, i suppose my familly will be able to choose a good one...

:eek: Erm did you put Seriously and Family Picking Something Good For You In One Setance...

/me goes for a lie down.....

Oh and :cheese: to everyone liking my Funeal Plan... The hard bit will be keeping it away from family, while still having the people involved knowing :p
I'm gonna have the Andy Griffith theme song played repeatadly the entire time.
**** YOU...

I refuse to believe that my child-hood friend.

Frampton goat, is in hell.

Probably eels - It's a Mother****er ...
or something like agnus dei
As Zerimski said, the version of 'Mad World' from the Donnie Darko soundtrack would be good.
funneral songs

pink - lets get this party started
slipknot - heretic's anthem
disturbed - droppin' plates
barney - i love you song
mexican - la curacacha
slipknot - left behind
I want Kiss songs played at my funeral, and everybody at the funeral will be forced to wear the kiss makeup and atleast 4 women lick my dead face with 2foot wet long plastic tongues
Hard one... prolly something Led Zeppelin. That's what my olds played at their wedding ^^