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    Rate the last Book/Comic you read

    Gaunt's Ghosts: Necropolis. Ten out of mother f*cking ten. I love any Imperial stuff by Abnett, he writes combat so beautifully.
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    Which is a better series?

    Vote. Discuss. I vote Splinter Cell, mainly because I'm a stealth fan. Grand Theft Auto is fantastic and all, I just don't prefer the sandbox play.
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    The Axtinguisher is Coming

    I won't be using it, I only use the axe as an anti-pyro weapon and if it does half damage...
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    Day of Defeat Steamworks Update In Beta

    Fantastic! To the betas!
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    Day of Defeat Steamworks Update In Beta

    It would be a hell of a lot better if it didn't effectivley make you download a new game, This is the kind of stuff that makes me just wait for them to update it as opposed to actually going out and playing it. I'm an achievment whore as well, so it'll really amplify my love for DoDS, only...
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    Alyx Lovin'

    Not so much more than a kiss or a hug. I KNOW it won't be graphic and interactive because of the uproar that went out when Hot Coffee was released. VALVe has always made its games with an MA stamp here in Australia and if they make one equivilent to an R18+ then it won't be released in Australia...
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    Crowbar vs. Icepick

    Well, he could always wield two melee weapons...but in the case of one only, crowbar. He's never had anything else in canon releases
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    This or CS:S?

    DoD: S for sure, it's the better of the two. Slower, more tactical play, daring rushes to the machine gun nests to cover your friends advances. It's more team orientated, no-one solos, not even snipers.
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    Just a thought

    Excuse me for saying this, but I believe that Team Fortress 2 has been the primary thing that has brought back my love for gaming. Before I had TF2 all my gaming was, well, boring. Boot Sims 2, bored. Boot CS:S, Bored. Hell, even Half-Life 2 (because I have clocked it about eleven or twelve...
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    The "WTF" Series

    My friends and I have been creating a series of videos (which are to be continued) and...well they're random so enjoy. If you're wondering, I'm the guy who keeps getting hit in the head by a ball or couch or some such item. Volume One fsFRB0bn7tA Volume Two 0LMCs7K2t9E
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    Just lost a pet :(

    Well, Highlander, I hate you so OWNED MUTHAF*CKA!
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    CoD4 Bots

    Awesome! Now how exactly do I make it work for my basic CoD4?
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    CoD4 Bots

    I've just finished the Single-Player for CoD4 and absoloutley loved it and love the MP to death. Next month I'm taking a flight for about 6 hours and I think that this would entertain me greatly on board the flight, so, has anyone found a bot yet? (Don't ask me to google, I already have) and if...
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    Favorite level in Psychonauts?

    I just clocked Psychonauts about 3 days ago and absoloutley loved it. I just want to know, what is your favorite level? For me, it was the milkman conspiracy, a combination of the funny things that the secret agents said, alongside the sniper made me crack up.
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    Danny Boy- Dr. Zoidberg Version

    Yes! lePobz! Thank you!