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Do you want to get into the game Development Industry?

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May 24, 2003
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Just wondering how many people here are currently in the Game Development Industry (you have to be getting paid) or would like to get into the industry.

This is the result of boredom, curiosity and a connection to the internet.
Hmm, I would love to .. especially in a programming-type job. But I think the field is way too competetive right now so I'm gona stay clear.

Maybe after I graduate from college ...
I'm waiting till I have at least two released mods on which I have programmed.....and until I've finished university, so then I'll have a physics degree as well :)
I had a job testing games but it sucked bad! So wheres that tab?
I am going to build up a good portfolio when I finish school. hopefully I can get a job in the gaming buisness in the future and I hope I will work at ILM (industrial light and magic) someday. That would be AWSOME!
I'm going to be a policeman, a fireman and a doctor. When I'm 25 i will retire as a millionaire.

Seriously though I'm planning on going into the business. I can have the choice to do either of the tings i want to. Which is either programming or 3d work. Making models for games and likely other things. After i leave Uni (I've not even started yet, I'm still at college) I'm just gonna freelance (e.g. building websites for people) for a while, while I'm trying to get into the industry. Its a shame because theres so many people that want to do it, but just don't have 'the edge' and or the commitment and they clog up the system for others who are serious about it.

I had a job testing games but it sucked bad! So wheres that tab?

How about whisky taster? That always sounded like fun.

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Ya I also want to build up a portfolio and finish University before I get into the business. Im hoping for either a Programming or level design career in the industry. If I can learn more about sound editing and composing music (Ive done a little bit) then I could try that career path as well.
I'd love to get into the business, but I don't have much experience at all. I have a lot to learn about programming, but once I get enough knowledge, I'll start working on some simple mods and work from there. I hope University can teach me a lot more than High School did.

Most of the stuff we did in college (your high school) was Database building in MS Acces. i hated that program before i went and now i acctually have a plan in the making to kill bill gates. We learnt Visual basic too...I was going to kill him fairly quikcly but now. Now hes going to die over several years!

We did pascal, that was annoying but i didnt mind. Ive been looking at Java and C++ in my own time so i should be ok i think.
At least you did Pascall and Visual Basic! For the last 2 years in the highschool Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses all weve worked with is WINOOT, You know, the Turing language. Its good for learning the basics of programming but you could probably move on to C++ after maybe 2 months!
I'm a 3D modeller with knowledge in most 3D programs, and formats....with 5 years experience under my belt.... hmmm a
But you are working for me ........ :flame: :p

You are lucky, we don't even have the option of taking Computer Science, anywhere near where I am..... ;(
I know I'm working for you Badger, I was just saying, that I'm a 3d modeller with 5 years experience under my belt...