HL2 Gonna be Great or what..



Hi there fellas just stumbled accross this webby then into the forum :). Think ill stick around for a bit see how this game works out.! Like most of you guys ive played HL/Cs for years then the hackers pissed me off to much so i left the comunity only returning about 2 to 3 months ago. Then out of the Blue came the HL2 screens/Interviews, This news brought a smile to my face, Then reading one of the interviews Doug was asked the question what about TF2 he stated that if We hadent heard any news about TF2 after HL2 was released then he would be very supprised. **** i nearly hit the roof 5 years, Countless Engines, I nearly shead a tear in delight at this news. This is what ive been wating for all this time HL2 will be i have no dought Ground breaking in most areas but TF2 jesus this is outstanding :bounce:
Think im going to look forward waching the videos looking at screen shots and reading interviews with you guys... Lets hope VaLve Pull this Bastard off....

Cheers m8 :)
just looking over at gamespot looks like the first movies are arriveing but you have to be like a paying subscriber (wankers)
hope we can get some links going here nothing illegal of course stuff is bound to crop up arround the net..
shouldnt be too long.

Welcome home. ( I had to, it fit this situation perfectly, lol)